12th November 2013


A Live-Tweet review of The Good Fight…

29th October 2013

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The Good Fight by mrbitterness and the guilty pleasures is now available for download.

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29th October 2013

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28th October 2013


Video for “Get Up” from forthcoming release “The Good Fight”.

22nd October 2013


The Good Fight is one week away…

17th October 2013


14th October 2013

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9th October 2013

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What I’m Doing Differently This Time…

Before I’m called out by some very vocal people on Teh Twitterz, this release (The Good Fight) is not initially being released via Creative Commons licensing. This is a hot button issue for some people. It’s one for me too, but for different reasons. This release is being released initially as All Rights Reserved. That being said, by all means download it and give it to a friend that might like it. If you have a podcast and want to use any of the songs on The Good Fight, go for it. Just please don’t upload it to or Free Music Archive, etc. It will be re-released in several months as a CC release and you can do that then.

While a lot of people like to make pronouncements that “music should be free”, this statement irks me. If you create music, art, bird-houses, whatever, and you want it to be free, then it should be free. Who the fuck are you to tell anyone else that their work should be free? I think food should be free, so give me your fucking burrito and quit your whining. See how that works?

Now the reality is that I’m not going to make any money from this release. I know this. As a matter of fact, in a profit/loss sense, I will take a fucking bath. I’ve accepted this. But it’s my right to decide how my work gets used and distributed. It’s not for anyone else to decide.

I’ve given up the idea that I’m ever going to be rich, or famous, or even respected for the music I make. I give it away for $0 (more on that in a minute) to try to gain the widest audience possible. I’m not going to wade into the debate of whether or not this devalues music as a whole, etc. I’m a nobody in a tiny little corner of the internet. I’m just trying to get above the noise-floor and find an audience. That’s why this isn’t being released as a Creative Commons work, at least not yet.

On my bandcamp site for the 2 albums I’ve previously done, I have a lifetime total download of 147 downloads. 147. Total. Ever. It’s depressing. I released both as CC releases. I decided that in lieu of money, I charge $0 and ask for an email address. It’s a small thing. I work my ass off by myself for a year and a half to two years, I spend money (a lot of money) on mixing and mastering, I pour my heart out, I give blood, sweat and tears. All I ask you for is the chance to let you know when I do it again in about 2 years.

It seems like a small trade. It seems like a fair trade. Even with this arrangement, I’ve been told that this isn’t free enough to be called free. In a pedantic sense it’s not free, but the cost vastly favors you, the listener. Vastly. However, if you enjoy being a pedant, you win big guy.

So like I said,147 Downloads. Total. My music is also on Free Music Archive, which is cool. It’s a great site and I love that it exists. I even put my music there and manage my own page, but here’s the thing: Epic Flail has been downloaded 1714 times. Destined For Dust has been downloaded 628 times. (I think Destined for Dust is way better so this hurts a little.) So that’s 2300 downloads and some change. That’s great right? Except for one thing: I have no fucking idea who downloaded them. I have no ability to re-engage with these people. Since you can stream from FMA’s site, I assume these people listened to it and liked it enough to download it. I’d love to let these people know that I’m releasing another album. I can’t. Not directly. I don’t know who they are.

(It’s entirely possible that I’m a fucking idiot and there is a way to reach these people directly, in which case I will publicly admit that I’m a fucking idiot, and will rethink my approach. I expect that if I’m wrong I’ll be notified in approximately 30 seconds after I post this.)

I understand why people hate the big music companies and the way they ripped off the public for years. I shared and share that hatred. I’m not a big music company. I’m a working stiff that needs to create music so that I don’t buy an AR-15 and start indiscriminately picking off assholes in khaki. I spend somewhere between $1500 to $2000 per release, because I’m a shitty mixing engineer, and I wouldn’t even pretend to know how to master an album effectively.

This is about the point where some smart-ass chimes in and says, “hey man, it’s your choice. You don’t HAVE to release music.” Fair enough. You don’t have to not walk in front of a moving train, and I’d encourage you to start making a different choice where not walking in front of moving trains is concerned. The argument goes something like “I support music and fuck you if you don’t give it away exactly the way I say you should”. Thank you so much for your “support”.

If things go as planned, The Good Fight will be released on a Netlabel in 2-3 months after I’ve self-released it. So, you free music purists can still have your way. In the meantime, all I’m asking is for those who wish to support me to actually support me, and help me build an audience. It costs you $0, although it’s been explained to me in excruciating detail that it’s not technically free.

- Mr. Bitterness

7th October 2013

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